anyway, it`s strange, cause i put now the wmode and worked! the caption appear normally...

i think it`s because i`m in other pc and it has I.E. 8 .

thanks mike! the client don`t want caption anymore, so i`ll put wmode anyway...

but thanks!

Guys, i search entire forum and internet and didn't find an answer.

I have an DHTML menu with dropdown, and he stays under SV.
I already put the code that is in the FAQ fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

I also tried "OPAQUE" and SO instead FO.

The problem is when i put this code, my caption goes do WHITE..but my site is in, the caption disapear!

if anyone can help me...

the link:
(i can post link,,the forum don't let me!)!

if you guys can look, it's royalcaribbeanbrasil  point   com   point   br   /   fotos    point   asp