Yes I think so,

maybe you can send me the latest version to be sure?

why does the preloader in the example big gallery in your site look different then ?
it is there a small bar in which you can see how much is already loaded.

I now see a very long white bar that does not really show status progress.

is that how you intended it to be?

Hi Mike and Felix

changed  the background color
Black squeare is gone now.
however the preload bar still does not look same as the example on the site

what am I doing wrong?

Hi  Miker

I will uload the site so you can review.
Please tell me when you did then I can close it again.

the viewers can be seen on the following urls;
i hope you can tell me why the loader picture does not look so nice.

the site was uploaded with filezilla and made with dreamweaver

Hi Mike
the site is not yet online.
Can you tell me which file is responsible to display the loader bar image?
then maybe you can send me a new version of this file so I can replace the old one.
Maybe there is something wrong with the file I use.

is that possible?


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i have the same pronblem

when we open our site i firefox, all the links on the back of the tiltviewer thumbs do not work anymore !
in IE and Google chrome and safari the links on the back function without problem

does anyone know the reasin and a is there a solution?

when I check the examples on the site then  I see i should see kind of a loader bar.
for some reason however this bar is not working.
what do I need to do to solve it?

hope someone can help me

Dear all

I have a website that has several tiltviewer galleries.
I notice the during loading time of the pictures, the screen shows a black square with a bar in 2 colors gray through it.

It does not look nice !

anyone know if somehting can be done about it


does anyone have a usefull suggestion?

I am using titlviewer pro and have a gallery with XML file.
I am using the links option on the back of the pics.

Somle  links go to an area of my own website. I want them to use link target _self

other links are connected to external websites. I want these links to open using link target _blank.

to be clear they are inside the same tiltviewer galler.

the link target in tiltviewer is set in the HTML page. Is it possible to set the link target in the XML file? If so how do I do this

thanks for your help


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anyone ?


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this is still a problem, anyone solved it?

i found out another thing
if the link is absolute then it works as intended also in full screen view

if the link is relative then it does not work in full screen mode,

so I think the problem somehow lies in the relative links.
However in normal view the relative links works fine.......

I do no think it is a popup security setting, do you?

Hi Felix

this does not sound logical, when I want to open in the same window it is not possible.

When i watn to open in a new window (popup?) then it is possible.

What can you solve this in the flash?
or offer the option that in full screen mode the link button will not be displayed for the links that do not work. Now a link button is displayed that does not seem to work in..... and that is not a good thing if you want to achieve a good image with the website

hi felix and miker

do you understand what I mean?
when link target is set to blank then the links to other pages work in full screen mode

when link target is set to self then links do not work in full screen mode

anyone have any ideas how to overcome this?


You can when THE link target is blank!!!!
I tried this
pleasealso try and you will see

now is very confusing for people
in my site there are several tilviewers
one with blank targets which works perfect in full screen and one with target self which does not have working links in full screen
looks like an error
a bug That needs to be fixed

That is what i did originally but it dies not work in fulltime screen mode

when I set linktarget to Blank then they do work but I do not want this.
I want the link to open in the same window....

i really hope someone can help me out

I have a tiltviewer pro gallery in XML

when i am in full screen mode the links on the back of the thumbs do not work.

whn I am not in full screen mode then they do work

what is the problem and how do I solve it


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found it my self

link target  _blank


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ok solved it by changing security settings of flash player

can someone also explain if it is possible to open the link into a new window instead of the active window.


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i am trying to put an example of my link on the forum but somehow it is not allowed even when i replace all dots by spaces

I hope you can help me based on the description of the problem


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i did as you said and used XML gallery

now I notice that my links to www adresses do not seem to work when is test locally
to html pages within my own site it does work


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how does this work with a flickr gallery

i would like to add a link on the back of each picture to different parts of my website

can you explain how to do this?


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what about from the back side of the picture.
With all the same intnentions as the origianal poster had..

so instead of going to flickr, go to anohter part of yuor own website.
each pciture linking to another part of your own website.

if possible, how to do it?