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Thanks, finally I was able to change the background color. There are so many color values in the files, I always missed the right one...

As for the back button: They are saying hat I can insert an additional button with e.g. a link to the previous page. I was wondering where that button will be located and if the href will be completely free to edit (or just a "back in browser history-button").

Thanks again,


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Hi there.

I need Autoviewer Pro, but before I order, I need to know this:

There´s an unanswered Thread below in which someone asks how to change the background color behind the images (standard something like RGB 24,24,24)
I need to know the same, but yet nobody has answered his post. Can anyone please do so?
I´ve checked the Pro Options, but in the "color box" none of the color values seems to be the background color of the main screen...
I need to be able to change that color, otherwise I wont be able to use the gallery on my website.


Will the back button on the gallery (Pro) be in some sort of frame so it will remain visible on top of the page no matter how far you scroll right?

PS: Is there any special offer if I buy Auto viewer Pro *and* Simple Viewer Pro at once?