Thanks for your response.  Added code, still there, cleared cache.
I fixed it .. I added outline:none to #viewer.  Voila!  Thanks for all your help.

Border still there .. thanks for trying though.  Strange .. if I click on the images the border displays but if I then click outside of the borders, the border disappears.

Thanks for your responses.  Screen capture … Border.jpg.

If it is not showing on anyone else's computer .. I am happy, although I must admit its very annoying.  I disabled all the add ons, even re-booted my computer, but it made no difference.

My mistake .. I should have said that when you click on the tiles, a dotted border appears.  Container is #flashcontent and border already set to none. Using Firefox 7.  Developer toolbar refers #flashContent > embed#viewer but I can find no reference for #viewer in html or css.  Adding #viewer border:none to css .. still showing dotted border.

Thanks for your reply

I would like to remove this border and have tried

var fo = new SWFObject("TiltViewer.swf", "viewer", "1024px", "800px", "9.0.28", "#000000", "border:none");

and also frameborder="0"

neither of these worked.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

Sorry if this question has been posted but I did a search both on the forums and googled it.

My site is … index.html

Hi I have installed TiltViewer in my site … index.html.  The problem I have is that there is a lot of blank space above the tiltviewer and although on my big screen it looks great .. on my laptop you can just see the top edge of it, and unless you knew it was there .. you wouldnt see it .. and there are no scroll bars.  I have tried alterting the height % in the css  .. but this makes no difference to the display on my laptop.  Appreciate any feedback from others who may have encountered the same problem.  Thanks


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Hi thanks for your prompt reply.  Unfortunately this does not reduce the space between the main content and the viewer  .. this just changes the size of the viewer.  Thanks


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Hi I have installed tilt pro in my website … index.html and although it displays well on my big screen .. on my laptop there is too much space between the main content and the flash content.
Does anyone know how to reduce this, thanks


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Hi!  I recently purchased tilt viewer pro for flash and have used absolute links to other pages in my site.  Out of the 4 links only one works and all links are correct as far as their paths.  I have edited the xml gallery in dreamweaver cs3, saved it and uploaded the new saved version.  Still not working.   Links work perfectly in local view.  I have all files relating to TiltViewer in a folder on my local computer and have uploaded the folder many times but still only the one link working.  Do I have to redo the swf file and index folder from scratch to make it work or will simply editing the xml file and saving and uploading work.  Only tile 6 works, 4,7 and 9 dont work.  Hope you can help, as I have read all documentation and wasted alot of time trying to resolve this issue.

Here is the link to the index file: … index.html


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Actually worked first time and then not working.  Did as you  said and works like a dream, thanks so much.


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Hi have just downloaded the pro version and copied swf file to Photoshop but when i go to build a gallery, I get the following error message:  Error 8000 cannot open the file because the open options are incorrect Line 648.  Hope you can help, thanks


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Thanks so much, but I ended up using linkurl=/faq.html and it worked.  I am sure I tried this before and it didnt work but hey whilst its working im no touchy lol.


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Hi!  Thought I had this sorted but links not working.  This is where my swf file is located.

C:\Documents and Settings\mandy\My Documents\Kimberley Web Design\Test\TiltOutput2

I want to link to other pages in my site, so at first I made a copy of the pages and also put them in the above folder.  I have since taken them out as links still did not work and seems to be a waste of load time.

This is the path to the files I want to link to

C:\Documents and Settings\mandy\My Documents\Kimberley Web Design\FAQ
C:\Documents and Settings\mandy\My Documents\Kimberley Web Design\Design
C:\Documents and Settings\mandy\My Documents\Kimberley Web Design\PhotoGallery

This is the link in my xml file which is also located in the same folder as the swf file

<photo imageurl="images/Img4SiteMaintenance.jpg" linkurl="FAQ.html" showFlipButton="true">
<title>Site Support and Maintenance</title>
<description>KWD offers site maintenance for its clients. Click on the link below to  view our Maintenance Packages.</description>

Would you mind rewriting the xml path linkurl="?????????".   I tried  linkurl="//FAQ.html" Thanks once again for providing support and your excellent product.  I will be upgrading to pro shortly.



Hi Love the tiltviewer.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I wondered whether it was possible to have the image on one side and on the reverse link to another page in my website.