I'll look into it. Thank you for such a quick reply - very impressed.

Hi there,

I apologize if this is a repeat question, I've looked through many pages and cannot find something similar. If it is a repeat, I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me to the right post.

I am embedding multiple galleries in a flash website. SV is acting as the background image. On the home page, I am playing 'gallery1.xml' - a slideshow with 5 images (Autoplay = on in options.as).

When a person clicks 'contact us' for example, SV performs loadGallery(2); and plays gallery2.xml - which is a gallery containing only ONE image, the 'contact us' image.

What is happening at the moment, is that the 'contact us' gallery, is constantly looping on itself, disappearing and reappearing every 4 seconds (the slideshow delay).

I would like SV to stay static if only one image exists in the gallery, and slideshow through them if there are more than one.

Any help at all on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,