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Evening all from rainy England

For me, the situation is this (I have searched but could find nothing)

I downloaded the tool and set it up, no problems at all. It works fine when uploaded to my web server, despite only allowing me to show 16 images as a time. No problem, I can have multiple galleries.

Problem is all the images take up a lot of space, and only a third of one of my galleries takes up as much space as I have on my web space (only 100MB, given to me by my ISP), so I would like to upload images to imageshack and have PostcardViewer load them from there, meaning I only have to host the XML and HTML files.

Initially I tried the obvious thing of just swapping the value in U R L tags to an imageshack U R L. It doesn't work, because it's looking in the PostcardViewer folder for that U R L. So is it possible to tweak it to look for the images externally?

I'm sure this will be some simple XML tuning but I'm a novice at this kind of thing, HTML is the same.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Edit: silly spaces in U R L added because it wouldn't let me post without them, just so you don't think I'm a nutcase.  :D