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I know we only need on copy, but sometimes I use modified autoviewers.swf for certain galleries so that's why I did it this way.

With regards to xmlDataPath (xmlURL) it is fed by javascript in the example I provided. The problem occurs because in gallery.xml the image path are "images/image_name.jpg" and when the page is loading, we can't access the images because the path is imcomplete.

The idea was to provide the remainder of the path to the images by using imageFolderPath. By providing that information, the path "should" be correct. I can't get it to work though, as seen above.


(3 replies, posted in AutoViewer-Pro)

Hi guys, I'm new here!

I'd like to use AutoViewer with this structure in mind:


The goal is to dynamically call the correct gallery by passing a parameter to index.php.

I search around in the forum, and tried this:

1. Edit XMLManager.as and add:

if (_root.imageFolderPath != undefined) imageFolderPath = _root.imageFolderPath;

2. Republish
3. Add to index.php (not dynamic, but I wanna test...)

var fo = new SWFObject("gallery1/autoviewer.swf", "autoviewer", "100%", "100%", "8", "#181818");    
fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery1/gallery.xml");                    
fo.addVariable("imageFolderPath", "gallery1/images/"); 

When I access the page, the player is loaded, but the path to the images is wrong... I get an error looking like:
WEBSITE  / gallery / Index%20of%20 / gallery / gallery1 / images

Can any help me?