Thanks. I made a mistake in the xml file: one bracket ">" was missing, that's why I couldn't display the whole gallery. It works otherwise very well. I add each new picture by inserting a new line <image>...</image>in the xml file and this, without replushing the flash script.

hi, how to add new pictures when the galery is already uploaded on the server?

what I did: I defined a new directory for all new pictures. I get then a "Thumbs" and "Images"  directories and a Galery.xml

I copied after that, the concerned lines

in the old defined galery.xml from the server (with dreamweaver)

I uploaded the new thumbnails and the new pictures  on the server (in the suitable category/directory)

BUT i have a problem:

the pictures that follow the new inserted images don't display. I mean:



the next pics won't be displayed (number after the new inserted)...

Who can help me?

hi, How to open a picture, choosen from the thumbnail, in a pop-up windows when clicked on it OR better a mouse-over .

I think it's because there's no .../thumbnails and ../images at the root path.

hi, it works better but the entry page don't display thumbnails and pictures. It shows only black crosses.
All others menu entries display the pictures. I replaced the path with absolute url. It works everywhere but not at the start page.

hi, I uploaded my sites on my webhosting server but I get some errors with the localhost:

....cannot find http://localhost/simpleviewerpro/index.html

The thumbnails of the first page are replaced with black crosses

The banner ist not displayed.

My contact form  http://localhost/simpleviewerpro/form/contact.php don't display

What 's the exact path on the server?

BUT my gallery works fine only some links don't work .

Take a look here:        (temporary Homepage layout!)

who can help me please?

Maybe an idea: replace localhost with my homepage name: ?

NB: I have same problems on my NAS server at home, so I think it's a path problem,...with localhost...

hi, my homepage is nearly finished but I would like to insert a contact form in php 5.2.
How to embed a php form in the right flash area with a few thumbnails but no image?

hi, i want to display a presentation page before the picture gallery is shown.
It should content the same proportion and layout as the whole gallery but without thumbnails. Left a symbol or a text and right a picture.
The second great question, how to insert texts in the gallery?

hi, how to insert some texts in the flash content area, next to thumbnails or next to the main picture?


hi, I'm newbie and have some small knowledge with flash and CSS.
How to change the width of the displayed page, I mean the body not the viewer. I'd like to have the page centered with a margins on each side, left and right and maybe on the top.
Who knows?

Kind regards

Hi, I cannot access to my created galleries. I get the message:

Forbidden Access

Error 403
07/23/09 15:47:09
Apache/2.2.11 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8i PHP/5.2.9

Who can help me?

hi, I built on local  some right navigation menus :

I copy the whole gallery in each menu folder.

When I click on the menu entry, only one blank page is displayed without content
How to fix it? Thanks