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Just implemented postcard viewer (free/limited version) - very nice, thanks!

I don't want to use text with the images (caption/title), I just want the images to be "dealt", and then on the first click to be "expanded", which is what happens, so far so good.

Now the tricky part. I'd like a second click, (the first click on the expanded image), to be an <a href="x"></a> link to another page.

Is this possible?

I've found I can add <title> text in the xml and can make that text clickable. This works but means I have to use text, which I'd rather avoid.

I've considered, instead of text, trying linking to the same jpg with an <img> link in the <title>, but haven't tried this so don't know if this would work - plus it seems a bit complicated. Is there a simple way of doing it?

Would it help if I bought the pro version?

Many thanks in advance.