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I'm working with no fixed layout, thumbnail area is left, no titles used (showTitle=false)

I get the impresion that there are invisible elements stretching out of the top of the viewer.
The viewer is not centered in DIV element id="flashcontent"

By decreasing the browser window from the top/bottom Simpleviewer disappears first at the bottom of the window while there is still free space above the thumbnails/image area.

Why is that? I would like to have Simpleviewer in the center or on top of DIV element id="flashcontent".

I could resize the main image nav arrows and shift their position.

Is there a way to have a different color for these arrows than main image frame color?

Right now the main image arrows are more a passepartout (the frame color shines through the middle part). I would need the same (similar) arrows as they the ones used with thumbnails.

Any help or hint very much appreciated.


(2 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v1)


excellent job, thank you very much.

Is is possible in SimpleViewer Pro to change the caption position?

My request is to configure Pro version to position caption below the normal size picture. (Right now caption is always below the first thumbnail)

Any help or advice very much appreciated