My server is bitching that i have to many pictures on my website.  Each wedding i do can equal a thousand pictures. Is there a way for me to zip all 1000 pictures into one zip file and have simple viewer extract the pictures from the zip or make the gallery into one file but it still shows the 1000 pictures.

I have a photo website were i show hundreds of peoples wedding or family pictures.  FOr the last 5 years i've put up every wedding i've ever done.  Each wedding can be 1,000-2,000 files.  1,000 pictures equals 2000 files because of the thumb and image folders.  Is there a way to make a gallery and have it work like the free Simple VIewer except instead of making 1000 pictures it just equals a couple.  I hope this make sense and i hope someone can answer if pro does this.  My host company is complaining that i have to many files on the website.