The example from the SVPro download has two different xml files in the same folder (gallery1.xml and gallery2.xml). I can't think of a way to make SvManager work with this structure.

I understand that the xml files are named gallery1.xml and gallery2.xml in the example.
I have modified the Actionscript in the .fla file so that it instead uses gallery.xml from every separate directory (gallery). So that part is done.

What I need, is to modify some code so that when building the .xml files (svManager) will add the full path (Path from web root) to the xml file, rather than just "images/" and "thumbs/".

Hope fully I am understood. I can currently just change the paths in the xml file and it works. This is fine for my older galleries as they won't change, but when adding new images, it will break the xml file for the current "year's" gallery.

Thanks again for any assistance.

PS. Is posting in SimpleViewerPro forum considered double posting :-)

I have SimpleViewerPro and svManager installed.

My "Path from web root" in admin is like this:

I am getting error in flash when compiling multiple_galleries.fla that says:
Error opening URL 'file:/galleries/images/picture1.jpg'

How do I fix the path so that it looks in /galleries/XXXX/images/picture1.jpg where XXXX is the taken from "Path from web root". It seems like it isn't doing what it should. If it used "Path from web root" and appended "/images" to that it should work, but the path in gallery.xml is simply "images/". I have rebuilt galleries with no luck.

The xml file is named 'gallery.xml' and 1 exists in each years folder. svManager creates it there and updates it there. So to use the multiple_galleries example from SimpleViewerPro, I changed the xml path to:
_root.xmlDataPath = galleryId +"/gallery.xml";

That seems to work fine. The xml file gets loaded, but when it tries to get the images, it can't because the xml file has:
imagePath = "images/" thumbPath = "thumbs/"

It should be:
imagePath = "2004/images/" thumbPath = "2004/thumbs/"
imagePath = "2005/images/" thumbPath = "2005/thumbs/"

Any idea how I fix this? Thanks for ideas on what I did wrong?