Hi Mike-

I clear my cache (locally, meaning my own computer's) after each weekly update so that I can test the gallery. Are you implying that the cache at the server (if such a thing exists - that's beyond my knowledge as a lowly designer) must be cleared?

As I mentioned, sometimes the republished SWF will stop the randomizing, sometimes not. When occasionally it works I've tried replacing all the "random" SWF's (one for each month) with the one that's in chronological order. They may or not work, and further, it may hold true only till the next week when I update with the past week's pictures, when it might randomize again, even though I always move the current SWF to a holding folder so it won't be overwritten by the newly-created gallery from the Photoshop script's output.


Felix- Thanks for responding. If you read my post again, you'll see that I was indeed trying to follow the posted instructions by changing the "Random" setting to "False" from "True", so that the photos would no longer be random. Then, as I said, I republished the SWF. If I'm missing something, please inform me. I have to say that the instructions given are minimal.



My client posts daily pictures of herself, so the order of the thumbnails, arranged in weekly rows of the seven days is crucial. I've had an impossible time, though, making the thumbnails follow chronological order. I edited the SWF by changing the "Random" setting to "false" and republished the file, then I FTP'ed it to the server in the folder for the month. Very strangely, the new SWF may or may not randomize the thumbnails' dates. Or weirder still, if it does put the images in chronological order, it may not work properly when I do the next update, which is every seven days. I don't overwrite the SWF from the previous week, though. The order may return to random. Finally, more often then not the randomizing will continue to be the default state no matter what I do. Very frustrating. Thoughts?

I apologize for responding to my own post, but I discovered that I had made an error in following your suggestion, and in fact you were exactly right; I changed the height for all three entries to a pixel height from percentage, and now the gallery appears as I wanted it to. Sorry to have been dense, and thanks again.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I couldn't get changing the HTML in my CSS to work. I think I may have to adjust the movie size in the original Flash file. I find that prospect daunting because I only know Flash superficially, but I'll give it a shot and report back...

Here's the temporary URL:  http://avenue3design.com/what_did_nina_wear/index.html

The issues I'm trying to resolve are, as I said, the amount of space above the gallery so that I have some hope of fitting the "month" on a typical person's monitor, and also to have the complete clicked-on individual pictures to be seen in full. I've been playing with the cell size, the frame size, and so on in the XML document, but haven't been successful. Any help will be appreciated.


In my XML document I've kept the cellDimension="800" but I need to have less space above the gallery. Right now the is too large a large gap below the header on my HTML page. I can't adjust the height of the SWF file, so what do I do? Thanks.