Hi Steven,

Great, That did the trick.

Title is visible again. Topic solved :D



It seems that the title will be removed when using the option buttonbarposition other than "stage_top"

I use the following setup:

In HTML I define "title" on the following way: flashvars.title = "test1234"; => Works fine

Add in preset.xml the option titlePosition = "TOP" => Works fine

Add in preset.xml the option buttonbarposition = "STAGE_TOP" => Works fine

Change in preset.xml the option buttonbarposition to buttonbarposition = "OVERLAY" => No title visible, buttonbar is moved to overlay, as expected.

Change buttonbarposition to any value other than "stage top" will remove the title

Is this a bug?


edit: add titlePosition in examples

Hi Steven,

Clear answer. I was looking into the customize-tab.

However, this setting is only available in the gallery-XML (or using flashvars). It would be great if this setting will become available in the preset-XML effecting all gallery's in my album. When I add thumbWidth and thumbHeight in the preset-XML it isn't effecting the gallery. The thumbnails will remain 75px

Kind regards

Found it.

You cannot set the thumbWidth and thumbHeight in the preset-XML but have to add it as flashvars.thumbWidth and flashvars.thumbHeight.

No bug, but a feature-request to allow this in the XML. All my settings are now in the preset-XML, except this one.

After downloading simpleviewer 2.1.3. it seems that thumbWidth and thumbHeight are removed. Is that right?

I can't find the option in svBuilder-Pro. All the thumbs will remain 75x75 px. Even the old XML (where all my thumbs are 35x35 px) are now bigger.

I am not using Flicker...


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Trying to get this worked here as well, spend the last couple of hours with SWF Tools.

Followed the step-by-step tutorial, with no success. The error is or: "Could not find the simpleviewer file for embedding." or "No player is configured to play a series mixed media files. Check the SWF Tools file handling settings on the configuration page."

If anyone got it worked (with any tool!) please post it here.