Hi - thanks for your reply but I have tried everything multiple times and nothing stops Tiltveiwer pro from opening the links in a new tab/window.    :-(

Hi -
Do I understand correctly from reading some other posts that because my multigallery is in a frameset the links will only open in a new window? Theres no way to make target="_self" work ?  :-(
Likewise there is no use trying to target the frame by its name with target="_myframe" ?

I guess not as I have tried both with numerous variations and it keeps loading in a new window...

Is there any work around at all ?

Will this be fixed in the next release?

Dan Vantari

Hi Miker - thanks for your response. I know the code is not compliant but its what I have to work with . The tech guys say the script above the head tag is meant to be there.

Anyway - after about 8 hours of debugging I finally found the problem.

It only affects IE8 and only when not logged into my site -
guess what - if there is no text on the page - only code - then nothing will display.
Well at least thats all I can figure as the same code that causes the problem -  with  "&#160" added on the end (or any other text) works fine.

I hear there are a few problems with IE8 and Flash10 so maybe this is another one of them.

Thanks again
Dan V

Hi -
the URL is http://www.ezi10.com/programs/share/ind … ID=51&

It loads perfectly in FF.
Strange thing is when I am logged in as admin on the site everything works perfectly in IE8 too!

But when not logged in I just see a black page and hear the sound of pix downloading.

There were a lot of cross domain issues as I had another site hosting some of the files but Ive cleared all that up including the swfobject.js .

BTW when Ive finished setting this up I think it will be a good demo of using Tiltviewer as a shop interface.

Thanks - Dan V

Hi - I have a few multi-galleries set up.
Im finding that one particular one will sometimes load properly
and other times I will hear the first auto loading gallery pix arriving but the interface does not appear - just a blank screen.

I think it makes a difference whether I am logged into my site or not.
The strange thing is that its only this particular viewer - so obviously I have stuffed up something in the fla file.
I tried back tracking a few versions and redoing the last modifications - and I somehow recreated the problem again.

Any ideas?
Anyone else hear them loading but no visuals?

Dan V

Aha I figured this one out!

On about line 20 of the actionscript

var optionsId:Number = 1;

Just add



Hi - Im notice from other posts that there is no fullscreen function in the multiviewer...

Im finding though that the right click menu still has the option there,
and if I click on it it crashes FF3 reliably.

Sometimes just right clicking to show the menu is enough to crash FF.

So how can I disable the right click menu?

I tried adding -
so.addParam("menu", "false");

after the line
var fo = new SWFObject("TiltMultiple9.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "9.0.28", "#000000");

but then FF didnt even know flashplayer was installed :-(

Please help.
Dan V

I love the multiviewer.
I need the first gallery to load straight away.
How can I do this?
Thanks in advance
Dan V

Im very glad to hear that Tiltviewer is still being developed.

I would like to add some more feature requests...

Would it be possible to allow the images to be swf files or even flv files? I guess thats a big one but it would take it to a new level!

Full screen in the multiviewer... is it possible now? If not please think about making it work.
(And see my other post about disabling the right click menu if full screen doesnt work.)

Being able to size the flip button and arrows would be good, although replacing the image using the xml would be better.

Dan V

Hi Felix or Miker -
I cant find anywhere on your site that says what the future of Tiltviewer looks like?
I think it is the best of its kind and has much potential - and obviously many others agree.

I notice there are many feature requests, and some of them seem fairly easy to implement.
I could make a list of about 10 items on my own wish list easilly - such as setting the image for the reload buttons through the xml, being able to add more than one link on the flipside (even better allow hyperlinks in the description), in the multiple tilt interface I would like to be able to load a new gallery using the link on the flipside, I would love some ability to add a link on the fron side as well...

All these seem to me like at most a few hours work tweaking the fla file no?

So... is Tiltviewer Pro ver 2 on the cards or not?
And if it is then how about a forum post for features requests etc...?

Dan V

Thanks Felix - I think that is very generous terms :-)
I had originally thought that each client who wanted a Tiltviewer would have to pay for another license. This makes it a really good deal for me to be able to offer it to my clients!

I would like to cutomise a few things that are not available without access to the fla file though. Little things like centering the description text, adding a second URL link...
At the moment it seems that if 'showFlipButton' is set to false then the linkurl is not available. I think it would be nice if there was an option to have the link on the front of the pic where the flip button normally is, no?

Thanks for a great interface! Im thinking about designing a game using it. Could be clues on the back of the images and one image with a link to a new tiltviewer. Each tiltviewer becomes like a room, with the hidden link being the door. Also thinking of using it as a shop interface where one tiltviewer is the categories and loads separate TVs with the products.

Perhaps I will contact regarding access to the fla file...

All the best

On this page http://www.simpleviewer.net/tiltviewer/pro/
it says "TiltViewer-Pro may be used for personal and/or commercial projects.TiltViewer-Pro may be used to create an unlimited number of websites. Each purchase provides a single-user, single-workstation license."

Thats why I bought the pro version.

However on inside the download package it says on the readme page
"TiltViewer-Pro may be used in any kind of personal and/or commercial project. Each purchase provides a single user, single website license."

So which one is correct? Can I make an unlimited number of websites? Is it a single workstation license or a single website license??

Dan Vantari