I am hopeful that an answer would be posted to this forum. Things work fine in IE8 (which is very surprising), however the same cannot be said for FF3.5. It just says SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash. Although we're running Flash 10. Yes, I have both read the FAQ and added recommended CSS, searched the forum and arrived here.

Briefly, the reason why I have not revealed the URL is because I recently picked up this client from a poor webmaster experience and in the process, the site was hacked and afterward transferred to a new host,  and now G**gle has tagged it as an Attack Site. I have cleaned up everything and am awaiting G**gle response (which could take weeks).

If there's anyone out there that has an answer for the lack of SimpleViewer displaying in FF3.5, please chime in. I am willing to post the URL, but only if asked.

Thanks forum community for your assistance! :)