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I am one step away from getting my money back. I've been seeking answers for the past week and have gotten nothing for it. 

I am still seeking a resolution to redirecting the admin sign in page to the /g1/ gallery page

And now I cant even sign in!  I took it off my server, re-unzipped everything, and re-uploaded it.  Admin/admin works fine but it wont let me change my password and log in. 

Is there anyone on these boards that can answer questions with the level of detail I need?  Is there a more direct form of communication?


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jack wrote:

So you don't want any kind of home page – you want the gallery itself to be the home page – yes? There are several ways to do this. Probably the easiest is to create an index page in your web root that will redirect automatically to the gallery. Please take a look at this earlier post which explains how to do it.


I cant really figure it out. Its the php file thats getting me.


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How do I make a new index.php file?  Im not familiar with it.


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I have the same problem.

When I tell people to go to my website I want to tell them www.mysite.com.   NOT www.mysite.com/g1/

Is there any way we can just get rid of the sign in page so that our root domain name just goes directly to out gallery?


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I was using Simpleviewer and my gallery's main page address was, say, www.mysite.com.  i have since bought and downloaded SVManager and uploaded my gallery via that --

NOW if I go to www.mysite.com it goes to my "Galleries" page with the admin sign in link in the top right corner, and my website's front page is now at www.mysite.com/g1/

First, I do not wish for my main domain to show the "Galleries" and Admin sign in screen.  Second, I want to return the front page to www.mysite.com

How do I do this?

Really new to all this, need help.  Hold my hand here.

When I export it creates the xml file.  I open it, copy it into notepad to edit it, perform my edits... and then what?

Save it as what kind of file, and where?  And where to go from there.