Cool, thank you

that added the "hand" cursor to the main image and nav buttons...

got anything more advanced I could try?

I was wondering If I could "hook" into any of the existing rollover effect... the thumbnails for example....

im guessing having any kind of "text" pop-up will require a new movieclip or button, etc..

either way, thank you

miker wrote:

You can just add .useHandCursor = true; to which ever movie clip you would like to use the hand cursor.

yourMovieClip.useHandCursor = true;

would that go in the actionscript?
- which AS file?
- recompile the flash after ,etc ?

or the js that loads the movie?

im not very knowledgable on flash stuff

I tried to add it to the actionscript files... but get an error when publishing

ImageClickArea.useHandCursor = true;

"There is no property with the name 'usehandcursor'

mImageClickArea.useHandCursor = true;

"There is no property with the name 'usehandcursor'

neither of the above seem to work... probably a placement issue?

not sure wher/ or which fiels to edit


I used a tutorial to add a image link to the simpleviewer gallery and additional xml stuff

using this:

the original structure:


this works great, however, I need to add some kind of hover or mouseover effect so the user knows the main image is a link.

something like:
- border on mouseover
- change mouse "arrow" to "pointer"
- pop-up text that says "buy this image"

any help would be appreciated.

If this is something you'd like to be paid for, please get in contact with me

thank you


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I ahve the same problem as th person that started this post..

the site is live

using pro version

http:// digitalpig .com

any thoughts?

thank you


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yes, im aware of the security restrictions

which is not an issue, as it appears the free version of tiltviewer does not allow you to specify linkTarget.. corrrect?

please check the site here

http://  digitalpig  .com

you'll notice the homepage gallery..

also notice in the source code the linktarget is set

other "pro version only" variables are set and working as well

I cannot find any reason why this would not be working

please check the url i gave above.. do you see any errors in the script?

thank you for helping me troubleshoot this


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ok, so i download V 1.3.1 from your website just now, edited index.html and added

        fo.addVariable("linkTarget", "_parent");

saved the file, and opened with a browser

links do NOT open in _parent

they dont open at all, links do not work

checked the xml for an actual link... it exists

whats going on? 

can someone please confirm this?


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I set the linkTarget in the plugin settings

and confirmed that by looking at the source code

    flashvars : {
        linkTarget : "_parent",


I took the embed code and manually inserted it into a page

it still did not work


I took the example index.html file from the tiltviewer pro folder and edited it to set linkTArget as _parent,

the image still open a new window even in the examples

is this a bug?
do i have an older version?
the titlviewer pro was purchased by a client of mine from the UK...does that make a difference?

please help,  the blank window is a deal breaker... the link takes the user to the product page to purchase the image... it simply cannot open in a new window...

can someone show me a live/working example of the images opening in the _parent

again, thank you for helping me troubleshoot this


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yes, replaced the tilviewer with the pro version..

first thing i did was to re-upload to make sure its the pro version
(although it would be nice if the swf has some kind of version information)

I know this is the pro version, because im able to effect

Zoomed-in Distance:
Zoomed-out Distance
link colors
transparent background


(although transparent background set to true does not work either)

also, pro-version is set to "true" in the plugin settings

so im still lost

thank for your help


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thanks for the quick reply:

yes, i've tried every possible setting

  * "_self" specifies the current frame in the current window.
    * "_blank" specifies a new window.
    * "_parent" specifies the parent of the current frame.
    * "_top" specifies the top-level frame in the current window.

checked the source code to verify... the change has taken effect

still no joy

here is the script that is embedded by the plugin im using

<script type="text/javascript" defer="defer">
var so1_1 = {
    params : {
        wmode : "opaque",
        allowfullscreen : "true",
        bgcolor : "#000000"},
    flashvars : {
        useFlickr : "false",
        maxJPGSize : "500",
        useReloadButton : "false",
        showFlipButton : "true",
        columns : "6",
        rows : "4",
        frameColor : "0x111111",
        backColor : "0xFFFFFF",
        bkgndInnerColor : "0x333333",
        bkgndOuterColor : "0x000000",
        langGoFull : "Go Fullscreen",
        langExitFull : "Exit Fullscreen",
        langAbout : "About",
        showLinkButton : "true",
        linkLabel : "Buy This Image",
        linkTarget : "_top",
        bkgndTransparent : "false",
        showFullscreenOption : "true",
        frameWidth : "5",
        zoomedInDistance : "1400",
        zoomedOutDistance : "6000",
        fontName : "Arial",
        titleFontSize : "30",
        descriptionFontSize : "20",
        navButtonColor : "0x666666",
        flipButtonColor : "0x999999",
        textColor : "0x333333",
        linkTextColor : "0x333333",
        linkBkgndColor : "0xf1f1f1",
        linkFontSize : "34",
        xmlURL : " … .php?gid=1"},
    attr : {
        styleclass : "tiltviewer"},
    start : function() {
        swfobject.embedSWF("", "so1_1", "900", "700", "7.0.0", false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr );


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great SWF work! very impressive...

I'm having an issue though

no matter what I set the linkTarget as, it always opens a blank window

- live site
- Tiltviewer Pro
- unsure of which version

even if i remove the .siteurl. from the xml file

it still opens a blank window...

i've tried everything,

noticed there are several topics in the forum regarding this issue... has anyone solved this yet?

any thoughts? If needs be, i'd be ok with modifying the SWF file to set the default linkTarget as _self/_parent
but im unfamiliar with editing SWF fiels

thank you