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Ah, well, there's the problem. I don't want to use flash. I'll try it and see what the mobile player looks like.

And looping - I assumed it would just carry on with the same movement. If you set the transition to slide, when it loops, the first image slides in backwards. So it doesn't really look like it's looping. It works fine with fades, but not with the sliding transition.

Hi, I've got two problems. Firstly, in sv builder, when I turn looping on, it doesn't loop, but just jumps back to the start.

Secondly, whatever options I set in SV builder, it goes ahead and ignores them and pust back all the nav buttons etc that I've turned off.

Any ideas?


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That's pretty much what I did. It's just that in svbuilder, it showed up as black, which threw me.



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I hadn't uploaded it - just viewing it on the desktop by double clicking the index page. I managed to sort it by editing the html - one of the colours wasn't as it should have been according to sv builder.

I've made a gallery in Photoshop, altered it using svbuilder, and it looks fine, but when I publish it, the black background defaults to dark grey.

Any ideas?

I've been using Airtight viewers in Freeway by creating them as a separate web page and then inserting them as an iFrame - that seems to work.


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What I want to do is this: I'd like the captions not to have .jpg at the end, so it's just the image name. I've tried removing it from the source names, but the script puts it back on. I've also tried removing it once the gallery is built bot no joy there either.

Is there any way to do this?