OK. Is it possible to configure postcardviewer to take a ZoomInPerc value for each image? Perhaps it is possible to make it read that variable from the image caption line rather than the main header in gallery.xml?


As you might have gathered I'm new at this! I tidied up the code and it didn't solve the problem but now I understand a little more so thanks. I spent some more time playing around and found the wmode line was actually resulting in the flash object being placed behind my background image. I had no success fixing this by setting the Z-Index of the flash (probably because I dodn't do it right) but I did manage to solve the problem by setting the Z-Index of the background image to a negative number. So that's wrapped up and thanks for your help....

Now, regarding the Zoom In probelm. I think I have nearly worked this out. Pretty sure I need to make some mods to the ViewArea.as file and I can figure out the maths but I'm having trouble working out how to access the following parameters:

Image width
Image height
Stage width
Stage height

Do I need to pull these in from anothe .as and how do I do that? Any hints?


The same problem happens for all galleries. I have uncommented the line in the Rio de Janeiro gallery now published and both this and the B&W gallery fail to load properly. I also edited the xml file for the B&W gallery and took out the offending '&'.

It occurred to me that perhaps the wmode line is making the whole thing transparent, rather than just the background. Is that possible?

Regarding the zoom thing, sorry wasn't too clear on that. What I actually want is a ZoomInToFit so that each photo, when clicked, zooms to the full extent of the stage.



First of all, sorry - I realise I have posted this in the wrong forum. I'm actually using Postcard Viewer not Simple.

The URL is www.bigbluebird.co.uk

There are several galleries here. The B&W gallery has the wmode line added and no photos display - just the background graphic of the website. All others have the wmode line commented out and work OK.

While we're at it (as I see you'r a moderator!) Do you happen to have a modification to make the pics zoom to maximum extent rather than a set value? I found a post regarding this from 2006 but the instructions don't make sense (to me) - I think some of the action scripts have changed since then maybe? Anyway, I'm plouhing through the code trying to work it out but Friday was the first time I looked at any .as!


Hi Dan

Did you ever manage to get the ZoomIn mod sorted? Would appreciate it if you could post it.



I'm trying to set the background transparency for the SWF object using wmode in the HTML as lots have people have suggested here. Unfortunately, if I include this line in the HTML, the object fails to display at all. Can't see anything. Nada. Just the page I'm trying to embed it in. I have the pro SWF object in place and the code I am using is

var fo = new FlashObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "8", "#333333");   

        fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "BandW_gallery.xml");
        fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

Would really appreciate some ideas