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ok, that's how I had my links set up, and I didn't even think about them not working locally, until this morning just before I turned the computer on, I thought I bet.....so I will definitely upload and see what happens.

I do have the gallery pages 1 and 2 set up as completely separate folders, just like I did for the rest of my galleries and was linking to each of their html pages, so hopefully it was just the issue of not having them uploaded.

I also looked at the link, and may use that if I end up with any pages that need more than two galleries.

Thanks, I'm going to work on it now.


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I currently have simpleViewer on my website (www.shutterbugs-photography.net) and have a different gallery for each type of photography I do. I am adding photos to my portfolio and since I am using the free version that only holds 50 photos per gallery, I would like to create a second gallery page for some of my portfolios and then link to it from within another gallery. 

I looked on the FAQ and it sounds like I should be able to add links to the titles in each gallery. I saw the page where you have to use the XML sequences, and I did that, but it didn't work.  It did show my text, and it even made them a link, but the links didn't go anywhere or do anything.  Nothing loaded at all.

The first time I tried it, I tried using 2 links for "page 1" and "Page 2" with a few spaces in between to separate them.  I thought maybe the two links were somehow clashing with each other or canceling each other out, so I took one off and just used a link from page 1 to page 2 and vice versa.

Also, even though I created two separate galleries (for example I made a gallery for "children1" and "children2" and changed all of the XML and HTML files to reflect the links, just as I did with my other galleries on the site, both galleries were showing the same photos. I double, triple and quadruple checked and didn't see where I had a link wrong, so I'm not sure what was happening there.

If anyone has an idea how I can incorporate links to different galleries from within a gallery, even if its  not in the title, that would be great.  I did see a site that showed you how to create links to the left of your thumbnails, but it said you needed to have flash, needed php on your site and some other things.  If I knew how to work in Flash, I'd have a flash site ;) 


Ok.. I'm working on fixing my pages.  So far it is all working.

I do have a question though not related to the simple viewer and wonder if anyone can help while I'm here.  I have styled the rest of my pages after the colored background on simpleviewer. I love how simpleviewer's edges go all the way off the page. Is there a way to do this in HTML/CSS for my other pages? I've tried changing the margin widths in my css file and that didn't help. I have them set at 0 right now just because I got tired of messing with it.

If anyone could help with this I'd appreciate it. If not that's fine too as I realize this isn't a web design forum.

the lightbox thing is weird... it wasn't even in that directory.. hhmm I forgot I had the code in there, so I'll have to go take it out.

I also realized after I posted that I had forgotten to validate.

The link
<script src="http://testgallery.110mb.com/swfobject/swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

is what I copied from a post above. I'm going to try to use what was originally there, fix the errors then we'll see where I'm at. Thanks for the help so far.

Ok, my turn.

I read through this thread hoping to find the answer as to why Simpleviewer wasn't working for me in IE.  I have double checked the version I am using, and I did change the link to the swfobjects to the link that was posted above on one of my pages.

Here's my site:
http://www.shutterbugs-photography.net/ … index.html

The only page so far that I changed the link to the swfobjects is:
http://www.shutterbugs-photography.net/ … iors2.html

After I changed the link I got the message about downloading flash, which wasn't showing up before, so I thought, well cool. Maybe I just need to update my flash in IE and all will be well... the message is still there.  And worse yet, the message is now showing in Firefox as well for that page, where it was working before.  However in FF, the pages that I didn't change the swfobjects to the link that was posted, my galleries work fine.

Also, after I uploaded the site to my server, on the pages with simpleviewer on them my links (at the top of the page, just above the color) are hovering green where they should stay white. They work beautifully remotely on every page, and after I upload, they work fine on the pages that don't have simpleviewer, but as soon as I upload, the green appears on the simpleviewer pages.  I've used the CSS in the past for my links and never had problems until now, so I can only assume that it has something to do with simpleviewer.

Also I just checked the second link I posted above where I changed the link to the swfobjects, and the links are showing just as they should, however I cannot click them...They are drop down menus, but the white font is also a link, and the links on the menus work, but the actual white fonted links do not work.

I'd appreciate any other ideas as to how to fix both problems.  I really love the way my site looks with simple viewer on it.. it gives the look of a flash website without having to pay an arm and a leg to have someone design one for me, and I want to use it.