Hi Felix,

This unfortunately has not been fixed.

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say you are viewing the "actual" jpegs. I have a black & white photo of a Great Dane in a rotation of 4 here:
(You may have to hit refresh to view, but it's on the home page).
If you view that photo, and then view the same photo on http://patrickhadley.com/fur.php,
(It's first thumbnail, second row).

The jpeg on Fur page is saved as sRGB, non-progressive. It's sized at 100% for that page, so this is not a resizing issue either. It's not displaying as sharp as it should be, as you can tell by viewing between the 2 photos. I really don't care about varying color difference, but I need these photos to be sharp, and something is happening somewhere to cause a slight blurry effect.


I am trying to display photos for a photography site and am using SimpleViewer. I have all of the main jpegs, pre-sized, non-progressive etc., and they are displaying in the gallery at 100%, they are not being downsized. The max width and height in the XML file is set properly. They are displaying a bit fuzzy in the SimpleViewer however and I'm truly at a loss how to fix this. Please help!

Here is a sample page: