I got ahead of myself and forgot to mention I made a small change to the code of the "Image.as" file,


mcCaption._x = Options.captionPadding + mXMLManager.frameWidth;
mcCaption._y = Options.captionPadding + mXMLManager.frameWidth;

was changed to

mcCaption._x = 50;
mcCaption._y = 410;

as to allow the captions to run under the images, as opposed to on top of the images.  Is there an obvious way that I can adjust this change to limit the caption to only the selected image?  The way it is now, captions now appear under every image, whether they are selected or not.  Thanks for your patience and your help!

How can I change the settings to only display the caption for the selected/frontmost image?  For all other surrouding photos that are not selected, I would like the caption to be masked or untoggled in some way.