What I feel that if  you set SWF width is set to 1050 px wide and if browser is smaller than that, the browser should show a left-right scroll bar.  There is no need to do anything extra. Can you share some more info what exactly you are doing and what you get. Since HTML takes care of these thing so generally we don't do.

I did like this long time back. But don't remember exactly. But I had taken help from one book named "PHP in Nutshell"...perhaps ch - 9 explains about how to do it random.
You can easily find this O'Rellay book. Just need to do google.


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Some time back I was facing similar problem and got fixed at that time. Once again I was trying to do the same thing but fail to remember how did I fix it.

I am trying to load  everything though XML, trying to get Tilt Viewer pro loaded.
I'm loading the file flash_my.swf and getting this error

TypeError: Error #1008: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

Nybody has idea to remove this error??

Jack it will be of great help if you post the code in PHP. I am comfortable with this so please let me know how can it be done in PHP. One more thing, I tried with jsp but giving a bunch of error and finally nothing coming..not even without border. Can nybody help me out?


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If you do not AS then it's little bit time taking but I won't say that it's tricky or tough.
If you are determined to do with AS then google it, you will get a lot of thing.

Other way is as suggested above. Add the borders into the thumbnail images in photoshop,
then turn off the flash borders using the ActionScript options.