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On Windows Vista everythink is OK :)
I checked also..

A have some new problem. When I delete some picture  and add new, a have still old tumbnails
despite I rebuilt this gallery. the same is in browser in gallery view and in SvManager.

a put no cash in gallery file

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

also I add some in flash
viewer.swf?nocache=<?php echo rand(); ?>
fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.xml?nocache=<?php echo rand(); ?>");

and it still dont help. ja can see old tubnails, but big photo is ok
in IE everything it's fine, but in Firefox its still problem

I can't avoid image from browser cashing

Is there any sollution?


(8 replies, posted in svManager)

Hello. I have te similar problem.

I can't upload files when it's names is shorter than 5 signs
(I have windows 7 and new java version - if it does matter )

Java cant recognize files name for example wd1.jpg and wd11.jpg
and svmanager mixed thumbnails name with bigfoto name
and the problem is not in all galleries, one gallery uploads short-name files
another one does not...