I put the text "caption" above the image.
but the area of the text depends of width image.
so when you have a landscape (horizontal) image, you have more place than when you have a portrait image (vertical).
is it possible with the pro version that the area of the caption doesn't depend of image size but depends of the galery area ?

is it possible to put someting like a table because I need text on the left  and put a price always on the right in bold...
<b> for bold is OK
but how to put something on the right ?

thanx in advance...

did you put this option in the V2 ?????

thanx for your answer.

I bought the pro version.

but it is possible to have the little image on left instead of the buttons
automatically (as simpleviewer do) with a XML file
and how to do that ?

I'm not very good in flash and action script and I don't see where simple viewer do this...

Hello, sorry for my poor english.
I'll try to explain clearly what I would like to do.

in the standard versio of simple view you can have
small pics on the left and big picture on the right.

I'd like to have
small pictures on the left
and one clic on one of this thumb will give me on the right :
about 4 or 6 small thumb on the top with the big picture at the bottom

1     2    3    4                         1a  1b  1c  1d
5     6    7    8
9   10  11  12                         Big Picture of 1a if 1 is selected at the left...
13 14  15  16

something like
main galery on left
and on the right galery and big picture

I'd like to know if I can do that in the Pro Version ?

another question : is it possible that the background is transparent ?
and how to do that ?