Have you read :
is that web page maybe with a different host or hosted with different settings and the hotlinks thing mentioned in this thread I have copied might then make a difference ?

Hi you might find the solution in my previous Forum discussion at :

if you fail to find the discussion that way then you can also search the forum for my username JW2009 and my posts.

I hope that solves your problem.


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Thanks Steven,

I knew it was something stupid that I couldnt spot !
It was actually a different file which for some reason I had renamed. So the correct one was sitting there all along !

Thank you so much for spotting it though.

I have changed my contribution to leave it just with the website reference so people can look at the effect of the gallery as someone might actually find it quite useful.



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I have it working on one of my galleries and its just what I need !

If anyone would like to see the effect the site is at www.bmyo.org.uk and if you look at the two photograph gallery links down the menu at right.

AND !!!

Another thing which helps is to specify your picture size in Picfture Properties once your large images are listed on your webpage. This stops a horrible "jump" when it is dispalying in iPad as it first tries to work out what sizes the pictures are !
For me they were all 480 wide by 360 high as they had been sized for Simple Viewer.


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Thank you - I will try that !
I may take some time to reply as I will need to check if it works on an iPad but will let the forum know how I get on.

Thanks again Mike,



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Thanks for your reply.
I wonder if you can help me though with how to lay it all out :

What I want to basically program is :

If I detect Flash is there then display simple viewer gallery as before

Else if no Flash detected (ie person has an iPad !) then simply display pictures as a list on the webpage


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What I would like is the piece of code which would allow me to detect if the person does not have Flash and in that case to just simply display the photos and captions simply on the webpage, not necessarily in a fancy gallery but at least the people could see the pictures if using on an ipad.  Thanks in advance, Jenny  :)

My code that I use at the moment is :
<h1 class="title">Photograph Gallery 2008-2009</h1>
   <p>Photographs from concerts :</p>
<div id="flashcontent">SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player.
<a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/">Get Flash.</a></div>       
<script type="text/javascript">        
var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "570", "560", "8", "#FFFFFF");             

Yes you were right it was that.

Thank you very very much !

However now I think I have to pay for a new host  :(

but at least people will see my pictures !!

Thanks again,

Hello there,

I think you are onto something there !
Thanks very much.

I tried it and see what you mean.

It may take me some time to speak to the host as my brother arranged the hosting for me so I wont get to speak to him until tonight but will let you know if it works !

Thanks again.
It would be such a pain if I cant get it to work as I spent two weeks making the website and cant believe I never tested it in Firefox !

Just done a further experiment.

I copied across the gallery from the orchestra one which was working in Firefox but is with Streamline.net as host.  Anyway it also doesnt work in Firefox when hosted in same place as my art website. Am finding out the name of the hosting site.
But again it works fine in IE.

So it would seem to be some combination of hosting company and Firefox causing problems.
Any ideas ?

Could it be that there is some coding which needs to be tidied up or more strictly written for it to work in Firefox with my current host ?

I use a PC.

It works fine in IE though.

However I did go and write in that specific path to the subdirectory and it has made no difference.
I have images and thumbs both in the subdirectory of the folder where the html file is so that should be OK.

Do you have any other ideas ?



If you are wanting them on the same page, which i have seen done, then my solution will not work for you.

However I have an art website and have managed to get lots of galleries but I have done it all using subdirectories. So each subdirectory has the html page. along with the viewer files and then an image and a thumbs subdirectory.

If you want to have a look at my layout its at www.jenniferwilsonart.co.uk and if you want to find out the files I have in any one directory just type dir after the directory name.

However my current problem is they dont show up in Firefox !  So you maybe better wait until I solve that !

My gallery on my web page does not work in Firefox but works fine in IE.
The viewer on its own viewer.swf also doesnt show the pics. The text shows fine but no pics.

http://www.jenniferwilsonart.co.uk/Gall … viewer.swf
http://www.jenniferwilsonart.co.uk/Gall … lery1.html

Have tried changing paths in the html, have checked its not set at a % width...

Strangely another website I have created does work in Firefox but it is hosted at Streamline.net

This is the one which works :   http://www.bmyo.org.uk/photogallery.html
What on earth is wrong ?
Please help !
Thanks in advance for all help.