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SV manager creates a new folder in the root for a new gallery, duplicates the .swf file from the plugins folder but creates a unique xml file holding the data, image location, caption etc.

It works well, but if you don't have good knowledge of action script etc, the cms is very difficult to modify and there isn't any support for this.

Does anyone know a simple way to get the caption aligned to the bottom of the movie?

I am currently looking at how to centre the caption box to the bottom centre of the unscaled gallery (can be re-sized by the browser)

I can see the X Y setting in the images.as file, i have also set the width of the caption to 800;

    //position caption
        mCaption_mc.txtCaption._width = 800;
        mCaption_mc.txtCaption._height = Math.min(mCaption_mc.txtCaption.textHeight+ Options.captionPadding,mLoader_mc._height - Options.captionPadding);
        var w:Number = Stage.width;
        var h:Number = Stage.height;;
        if (Options.pcvStageWidth != null) w = Options.pcvStageWidth;
        if (Options.pcvStageHeight != null) h = Options.pcvStageHeight;       
        mCaption_mc._x = 20;
        mCaption_mc._y = Math.floor (h  - mCaption_mc._height - 10);

now this bit of code is taken from the Main.as script for the position of mInstruct_mc (the instructions MC), as it is close to what I wish to achieve I took and modded the script from there and renamed the MC to mCaption_mc.

am i missing something to work out the stage width and height? I am not getting the desired effect.



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Hi, I have purchased both svManager & Postacrd Viewer, both brilliant value by the way! anyhow, I need to get the thumbnails in postcard viewer pro aligned straight "maxRotation:Number = 0;"

I have been through the process and works fine from the PVP Web demo folder after re-publishingthe fla file. I upload the .swf into the plugins/postcard/pvmaster folder on my server, they still render randomly.

Am I missing something here, Thanks