OK thanks. Can you confirm re the PS plug-in? (I do not believe that the Photoshop plugin sharpens the images.) THis should be a definite yes or no and if so, what.

I'll check w the TTG folks about the LR engine.

In v2.01  see an option in the Lightroom  (TTG module) export settings to select sharpening that is performed at export, along w 3 options (low, standard, high) or none.

So some questions:
1. Any info on what sharpening is being performed? Is it an application of Unsharp Mask?

2. Does the Photoshop script export module perform sharpening by default? There is no setting for sharpening in the settings options that appear w the script. If it does, and assuming it is also Unsharp Mask for a contrast bump, is it the same sharpening as one gets in Lightroom (albeit w no options for low, standard, high)?

3. If there is sharpening in PS, is there a way to set the intensity of the sharpening as in LR?

4. If PS does apply sharpening by default, is there a way to disable it completely, such as there is in LR, where one can simply leave it turned off?

Thanks in advance for your time.

It there any way to use the arrows that appear on the image? Ideally I'd like the circular background arrows that usually appear on the image when hover, then drop those under the image, just like the ones under the thumbs.

Anyway to do this?

(Those button bar arrows aren't going to do it for this particular design, though this is a ncie option to have if needed.)


Is there a way to adjust the main image navigation arrows so they appear below the image instead of on the image.

(On a certain gallery I wish to have them show below the main image all the time, on the far right and left of the bottom of the main image; similar to how they appear under the thumbnails.)

Is there a way to do this, or perhaps with a vertical padding adjustment?