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I'm Not Going To Lie

You're An Absolute Legend, Thankyou So Much

Got It All Working Fine :)!



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I Don't Understand :$.
I've deleted the two /'s but i'm not sure about pointing to the XML's cause there's only one and i don't know how to 'point it' :D


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Hey Guys

Basically, i've been playing around with Simple Viewer Gallery all morning, and i've finally got it working and embedded into an already made HTML page, however, i want TWO seperate ones, within the same root, for example.

Home > Gallery > Layout - One In Here
Home > Gallery > Photography - One In Here Aswell

But when i do this, it just overwrites the previous one, i am very 'amateur' at this so i'd appreciate lack of HTML/CSS Language

thanks, Alex.

Edit; My Website: http://web.me.com/alexdenvor/index.html