Is there any way you can please supply the source code for Pro users, as you did in the previous version?

I would like to make mods to things like button design, etc. to match my site design (ie: so it matches things like video player, typography, etc.) but this is of course not possible just using XML.

This was possible in earlier versions but not in this one...  why the change?

It would be much appreciated...

I'm trying to get SimpleViewer v2 to give me a gallery without any stage padding, image frame, etc. - so the image is exactly oriented to the left edge of the flash element in the page.

When I set stageHPadding and stageVPadding to 0 it still gives me a 10px pad around the edges (this also happens on the top, right, left, bottom)...  is there any way to get rid of the padding altogether (so the entire flash embed is the exact same size as the jpeg size within the frame)?


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A) Sorry - that was a typo... I meant Simpleviewer Pro (v2)
B) Do you know of any plugins to allow easy embedding and customization of Simpleviewer Pro 2 into WP blogs?

I'm currently using the NextGEN Simpleviewer plugin with Simpleviewer v1 and Autoviewer for my blog...
A) Does Autoviewer Pro allow for use with this plugin?
B) Is it possible to configure the appearance (since it's all done via XML in v2)?

Is there an easy way to adapt Autoviewer Pro to enable Flash Fullscreen mode?
Or, is this planned in future revisions?