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For the past 6 months, my SimpleViewer pro worked perfectly fine. But since yesterday it wont load... i get "Cannot load from flickr" message when i go on my website (noamgalai.com).

I was about to send my website to huge publications to get a job there, but now I have to wait for this to be fixed... and I dont have too much time to waste :/

Any idea why this happens? and how to fix it?



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Im working with a Flickr gallery, and wanted to know if there are ways to:
1. change the size of thumbnails - so instead of regular squares, it will be maybe wider?
2. change the opacity/color of thumbnails? so for example all thumbs will be grayed out, or b/w, except for the image shown on the big screen.


I tried those 2 things now, but it didnt work.

Here you can see the problem, you'll see that some of the images get cropped.

I have Simple Viewer V2. Not Pro.
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Im trying to use the SimpleViewer V2 with my flickr. everything works well, except for one thing:

I want the images to display in maximum 800 wide, and 600 hight. which mean - i want it to resize each one of the photos so it wont exceed those sizes.

Right now, when i shows landscape images - it looks ok. but when i have tall/portrait pictures, it crops it and i get only the middle.

I tried this:

and i tried this:

but it wasnt working.

also tried this:
swfobject.embedSWF("simpleviewer.swf", "flashContent", "800", "600", "9.0.124", false, flashvars, params);

but it didnt help....

How can i automate resizing?