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works perfectly. thank you!


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thank you Jack for a fast reply. No, no need to advance anything. This post was rather a "bug suggestion" than a "must have it now working" type of thing.  I will switch to FF for all our picture updates until Chrome is working again.

thank you for your work on that. I am sure all Chrome browser user will greatly appreciate this patch.


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this works perfectly. I was able to upload a pic without issues.


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I am having issues with Chrome browser uploading images to the galleries via svManager. I see this error:

This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.
Get the latest Java Plug-in here.
Image resize is off: turn on for this session

I am running the latest java with svManager version 1.7.4, build 101117.
I am using primarily Chrome. Firefox and IE work fine. I am also passing all java tests on java.com site. My system runs Win7 Pro 64bit.

what could be wrong ?

I've purchased both simpleviewer pro and the manager for my online photography store.. but I still find that neither of the default players isn't efficient enough for displaying the images.. there is always some space wasted on the sides. Does anyone have any suggestions to achieve the following ?

1) Pictures should take as much screen estate as possible. No borders, fancy stuff, just pictures alone. 100%  ( minus the browser URL bar and scroll bar ) of the screen size would be fantastic.

2) Thumbnails positioned out over the main image, so the bottom space can be used to show the main picture to the max.
3) Maybe it is possible to launch the player in a full screen mode  ( instead of launching in regular mode, and then clicking on full-screen icon"

Any ideas are super warmly welcomed.. thanks!

Miker - thank you for your time to post the response.

From what I understand, the ability to play video clips was never supported by any of the players. I was hoping for some user work-arounds ( a few people got it to work before, according to some threads, but the new version must have something different build -in as the hacks don't work anymore )

I asked a few times on older posts, but since there was no response I decided to open a new thread. I hope to make it clear and easy to find for anyone asking this same question:

Is adding video possible in AutoViewer ?

1) Some posts suggested changing swf file ( flash video ) to jpg extension and include that in the gallery.xml
- this does not work with AutoViewer and current flash player ( ). What happens is the AutoViewer is freezing. If the video has sound, the sound WILL play, from the beginning of the slide show ( I assume this is the pre-load function of the player ).

2) I didn't find any other suggestions or posts.

What I need is simply being able to play a video. No controls, volume control ( there will be no sound ), the video should play automatically from the start and keep playing even when someone changes to the new picture.

IS THIS option possible? If so, how ??  Please help guys. I hope that this will solve the question once and for all.


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for me it is not even showing the first frame. I created just a static page in flash, exported it as a movie , changed from swf to jpg and pretty much it is stuck now on the picture prior to the flash/jpg hack.

hmm.. I would really love to be able to show movies as well as pictures on it. no need for controls such as stop/play/forward/pause.. just the ability to show video.

help anyone ?


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the link you gave doesn't work anymore.. can anyone point me to a discussion where a video is sucesfully added to the player ?I tried renaming the swf to jpg, as one user suggested, but it doesn't work. ( I can hear the music is playing but the video is scrambled ).

I would really like the video to work.. I hope someone can be helpful.