Is there any tool that will automatically generate a simpleviewer gallery with thumbs? Like there is with this product:

I like SVPro but it's a pain too build a large gallery and if you need to resize the images or the thumbs it's really painful...


OK. I used the KML plug-in suggested by daveZor post here … =wordpress

Seems to work fine.

I guess I should have hunted around the forum first. :oops:

That works but not valid xhtml. Anyone know how to embed simpleviewer so the page will still validate? :P

I don't see the run through. I see some excerpt of a faq about using myspace.

I just thought I'd add that dpi has absolutely no relevance (or meaning) once you are dealing with screen output and pixel dimensions:  " (at 72dpi)."


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Yup it was the order. Thanks!


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I tried that. It still loads as white.

Just to be clear we are talking about the preloader that you see just before the flash movie is loaded. Stays white no matter what value I put in here :

fo.addVariable("preloaderColor", "0x000000");



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Hi, at line 80 in the file you will see this:


I think the stuff in the parenthetical is setting the dogear color to the existing thumbnail framecolor. 

So delete this stuff in the parenthetical: mXMLManager.thumbnailFrameColor.

Replace it with the hexidecimal value of whatever color you want to use.

For example if you want the dogear to be white then line 80 will look like this:


Most programs that have some kind of color picker will show you the hex number of the color that you pick. Then you can just copy the hex value down for use in simpleviewer.

Sorry, I thought you meant and navigate using the arrows in the pictures. If you do what I suggested you'll loose the nav arrows. Think you may have to go into the fla file to accomplish what you want. And I don't now much about actionScript. :cry:

I believe you can do that by going into the gallery.xml file and changing both thumbnailColumns and thumbnailRows = "0".

Re question 2:
in the Gallery.xml file adjust navPosition from "top" (or from "bottom") to either "left" or "right" for a vertical presentation. The number of rows and columns can be adjusted in the same file by changing the values of the attributes thumbnailColumns and/or thumbsnailRows.

Sorry no help for Q 1.


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Can someone please explain how I can change the color of the preloader.
I've seen a number of posts that discuss it but no post that explains how.

where can you find caption height variable?