I'd not actually tried that, looking at that example it is much better although it still does not fit the whole picture in the viewing area and I am unable to scroll down to see the 'missing' bit, also not able to pinch the screen to make it the image smaller.

I guess with the combination of my site design and viewing device I have achieved the best I can.

Thank you once again for you help.

Thank you Mike for the clean looking code.

I have done that now and it still looks the same on the iphone. What's happening is that the images do not fit the display area and you can't scroll up or down to view the images, you can scroll left or right though. Am I correct in assuming that the images/gallery are able to shrink to fit the size of the viewing screen?

Tbh, I am not great at code (obviously!) and I did not know I was using old and new. Do you think this could be the problem? Should I embed this new code in place of the old as above?

Thanks Mike


I've just upgraded my galleries to version 2.1.2 in the hope they would display on the iphone etc. They do now show but they do not function well at all.

Hopefully it is something simple in my code that's wrong, If anyone could be kind enough to take a look and spot the problem that would be great

http://stevesharpphotography.com/wheels … index.html


Guess it's not fixable then

OK, this is only a small problem but it's really bugging me.

If you hover over the images in these galleries the caption sits nicely within the image border

http://www.stevesharpphotography.com/ni … index.html
http://www.stevesharpphotography.com/lo … index.html

If you hover over the images in these galleries the caption covers the bottom of the image border

http://www.stevesharpphotography.com/ur … index.html
http://www.stevesharpphotography.com/an … index.html

I really don't want to fill these galleries until I can sort this, but I really can't work out why it's happening?!

Thank you Felix, that did do the trick :)

Thank you kindly. I will try that.

Is there a way of stopping the white flash that occurs when a simple viewer gallery is loaded?



Thanks, Fetch was the cause!


Loving the pro version I've upgraded to but i'm having a bit of a problem:

When I view my galleries locally they are there and work fine. When I upload to my server some of them dissappear.

A link to the portfolio pages


The wheels gallery works fine, but the people and still life galleries go missing?

Thanks in advance