This answers a lot of questions for me.  I had been assuming (silly me) that because you called the sixth parameter "flashvars" that it would not work for the mobile devices that do not have flash.  But it does!  So that answers the question about separate folders (you don't need them).

The other problem with that solution is the JavaScript error you get when you try to choose the "full screen" button.  It is "undefined ReferenceError: Can't find variable: simpleviewer" and you do not get the full screen functionality.  I want the full screen button for the desktops, but don't care about it for the mobiles.  Can we either have the mobiles ignore the "ShowFullScreen" option or have the JS error go away?  I realize that I can make the option "false" to solve the problem, but then I don't have that option for the desktops.

Lastly, your four recommendations do not apply to those who have their galleries on Flickr or to those who do not use the svBuilder.  All my "galleries" are simple .xml files that I copy unchanged except for the name, set number, and possibly the audio file.  The .xml files get the same name as the set.

I'm sure that Steven will correct me if I'm wrong, but I
wanted to document my long slog through the Universal
Playback embeds (hoping that somebody will be helped in the

I think I've modified my code now so that it works the way
I want it to. E.g., see:

The description below may help explain some of my missteps
(and attempts to make things simpler) earlier on a different
thread … p?id=14980
Also, I had many galleries working with the Universal embed
on another site by putting them in separate directories,
e.g. see but not
reflecting the template of the original site.

The first thing I learned is never to mess with svcore
(unless you really know what you are doing).  You may be
able to do more, but it really is not for the faint of

The Wickford YC index.php has remained the same, but
web/index.php has been updated.  The way the older version
worked (with swfobject.embedSWF() rather than
load.simpleviewier()) was that all the galleries are in one
directory and it uses the fifth parameter (also the GET
parameter to the php code) to specify the gallery (the flikr
set number).  Alas, it was Flash so mobile users could not
see my galleries.  But you cannot use Universal Playback
with all the Mobile galleries in the same directory.
With the Universal embed all the galleries have to be in
separate directories (as it suggests in the documentation).

This is because, with the fifth parameter "true" you say you
want Flash if it is available.  If it is false, you cannot
have these galleries in separate directories (flashvars
parameter) or rename them (from gallery.xml).  So I cannot
have my cake (all the galleries in the same directory) and
eat it too (have the simpleviewer code reflect the template
of the website on small screens).  Well maybe I could, but
that would mean more changes to web/index.php that I would
have to repeat for each directory.

So here's what I did.  First I check whether the device is
iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android using the USER_AGENT
parameter.  My solution only is one way to check for mobile
devices and thus far it only checks for the devices that are
mentioned in the Universal Playback documentation.
(Presumably other mobile devices can handle the Flash.)  If
it is one of four types of devices, I go to a separate
directory containing that gallery (and losing the template
of the Wickford site).  If not, then I access the gallery
locally, as I did before (e.g no changes to the embed code
other than upgrading the calls to load.sumpleviewer().  My
admin code has to create a new directory and a new gallery
and the new Universal embed code, as well as the same
gallery in the same directory as before.  So the admin code
does the heavy lifting and I have duplicate galleries and
duplicate embed code.  Is there a better way?

Happy to (try) to answer questions.

Thanks again, Steven.  It was a long slog, but I think I'm where I need to be.  I thought it was going to be easy when I discovered I had changed full.html (a no-no).  But no. 

Here are a couple of things I found along the way.

1.  The statement at line 272 of svcore/css/simpleviewer.css seems to be kicking up JS errors.  BBedit colors the syntax differently, so I believe it is an error that I cannot discern, but seems to do no harm and the error disappears when you delete that line.  Has to do with opacity.

2.  There is something funky going on with titles.  As you will see from (the old code) and (the new code) the title is displayed in the former, but not in the latter for the same gallery.xml.  This is true on all platforms I tested.


I've been moving things around this morning, trying to make my album site looking more like
a site I know works, but to no avail. (and full.php) still work on my desktop and not on my mobiles.
Now have svcore directly in web folder (no includes folder).


Steve (you're the best BTW), the full.html file is there.  My .zip was taken from my local machine, not the server, so it is missing from the .zip.  I verified that all the other files and directories are the same, with the exception that there a bunch of "Notes" directories that are on my local machine, but not on the server.  The svcore was copied from a working version (from which does work.  So we still have not gotten to the bottom of this yet.  Do you need anything further from me?  I can redo the .zip if you need it, but I'll wait to hear from you.

You could also check out (what I hoped would be the "next generation" solution).  It gives me different results on the iPhone and the iPad I, neither of which are correct.


Some pretty weird things are happening to me lately.  That file was created with iZip which must
not like it when you name the file the same as one of the files in the directory.  Here's my second
try.  I've double checked it this time.

As you found out, I've been trying many bogus things lately.  Those files are now erased.


I should have mentioned that I have successfully gotten many of my albums working with the mobile embed.  This one uses (I think) the .html from one of your examples, not the full.html.


Pretty sure this is what you want (everything in the web directory).  If not, let me know.

Looks like my post was truncated.

The iPad II appears to be working better than the iPad I.  I test on an iPad I and an iPhone 4s both running 5.0.1 and with Safari similarly configured.

My URL is


I seem to be having a similar problems with mobile devices.  But I don't think I'm using <iframe>s.  I am getting the same JS error messages.  I'm using 5.01 on both my iPhone 4s and my iPad I.  On some mobile devices it works and on some it does not.  It does work with my desktop browsers.  My iPad I says


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I have see numerous references here about autoPlayOnLoad not being available for the mobile player of simpleviewer.  I think I am correct in saying that neither is audioURL.  Is that correct?

Could the documentation be upgraded to say which of the options are available for which of the players?  For example the "Mobile Player Options" are not the only options that apply to the mobile player, right?

I'm talking about this page: … tions.html


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I think I'm correct in saying that there currently is no option to
get the name of the Set that is identified by a number (Flickr
Set Id).  Would it be possible (of course it is -- I guess I mean
desirable/feasible without too much effort) to include an option
to have the Set Name on the page when the Flickr set id is
specified?  Similar to the "Flickr Show Page Link" perhaps.