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miker wrote:

SimpleViewer will use the current orientation of the JPG image file when displaying the image.

The problem I have is that I am shooting pictures and saving them directly to the image directory.  Not using any software to rotate and save "portrait" oriented shots.  Is there a way to turn landscape images to portrait orientation while the .swf is running?  rotate 90 degrees if you will?

I've tried shooting with and without the auto rotate function on and it doesn't make a difference as web browsers are not currently able to detect the camera's auto-rotate information in the files it writes.

Please advise...  REALLY need a way to do this...  Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.


(3 replies, posted in SimpleViewer v2)

Using SimpleViewer v2, can you add images that you've shot with Auto Rotate settings on in your camera and get them to auto rotate when you place them directly in the images folder?