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If anyone here know how to solve this issue please help!



(4 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v2)

Hi Felix and Miker

Thanks a lot for your help. My webmaster has now added the correct doctype - still the same error. Furthermore, if you look into the embedded js (not on the front page), it contains exactly the same as the description says here: http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewe … #external.

On the front page the js is not embeded, and it does not work as well.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?"


My brand new website has been lanuched about 2 weeks ago and i am starting to get mails from customers that get this message:

"Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://ty-stange.dk/.
Operation aborted"

It appears that it is only Internet Explorer 6 on pc's that doesent work. Any other browser on any OS works fine. This is rather critical since many of my important costumers still use IE6.

After chekking about ewerything my wed developer claim that a java script from Google used in Simple Viewer Pro does not work in IE6

So the question is: Is this true? And in that case how do i deal wit it? Are there a workaround or something?
And: If this is not the case- what kind of fault am i looking for?
Does SV normaly work on IE6?

Any help will be really appreciated!

Just upgraded the SV Pro from 1.9 to 2.0 for my website. Especially the full screen option is a great feature.

When using full screen the background is a middle gray that i dont fit well with the rest of the site. I dont seem to be able to change the color.

How and where do you set the BackgroundColor in the full screen mode? Have not succeded locating the option in SVBuilder and not been able to find the appropriate command in the Config Options.

Any help will be much apreciated!