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I have found a simple code change that will display the newest gallery first rather than last.

  • Edit the file "svmanager/classes/indexpage.php".

  • Find the function: getHtml.

  • Locate the line: "if ($columns > 0)"

Now add the following line of code right above that line

$galleriesData = array_reverse($galleriesData);

What this is doing is reversing the array that was built by unserialize().
Good Luck!

I think I found the issue. I had another website where I implemented simpleviewer and there I explicitely set the height on the call to swfobject:

var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "700", "8", "#FFFFFF");

Changing the height from 100% to 700 now makes simpleviewer display correctly in FF.

Thanks. I've added the styles to set height=100% for the html, body, and flashcontent. Now Safari is displaying correctly, but FF is still the same -- the large photos are not large. Any more ideas?

I am using SimplerViewer PRO 1.8

Hi, This is the URL of my implementation: http://namahom.org/svmanager/g1/
It works exactly as expected in IE8. But when I try it in FF 3.0.12 or Safari 4.0.4 (all on a PC) I get different results. In FF the large images are not large, but thumbnails. And in Safari, the entire page is blank.

Thanks for your help.