Having similar problems since upgrading (actually new install) of Windows 10 - Adobe AIR is the latest version, freshly installed. After installing SVpro 231 or 232 my system is hanging, takes ages to reboot. I did restore win7 and all worked fine. Win 10 neither works for me as a fresh install or in place upgrade - using the 64 bit version. Any others having this kind of fun after upgrading to Win10?


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solved the problem most likely by myself!

Thanks for your interest!

Regards, Oliver


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Hello all,

while I'm quite happy and impressed by the functionality Simple Viewer 2 provides I've got 1 question not being a Web-Expert:
How can I position the gallery on a page? Right now it always shows up on the top left corner covering underlying menues.

Is there a way to position the thing somewhere on a page? Any hints?

Thanks a lot and best regards,