Thanks! That helped!

Felix wrote:

Can you try what I suggested and add it to your example URL: ?

I mean edit the HTML document that contains the krpano SWF and add this line:


Or alternatively, put the gallery.xml file in the same folder as the HTML doc.

Setting the options by appending them to the SWF URL will not work. For embedding TiltViewer-Pro in a flash movie, the recommended way to set the config options is described in the Flash embed example: … flashembed

Here is a code from the html:

<script type="text/javascript">
// <![CDATA[

    var swf = createswf("krpano.swf");

// ]]>

Here is a code from krpano xml file:

        set(plugin[gallery].url, "tiltviewer.swf");

And this is a gallery.xml

        <photo imageurl="" linkurl="">
            <title>Image 1</title>
            <description>This is a regular text description.</description>

Now its working, but the images are from the flickr. So gallery.xml is not used.

Is there any free as3 authoring software? I'd like to use flash embedded case, but I won't buy Adobe Flash.

Felix wrote:

Did you try moving the gallery.xml file into the same folder as the HTML doc?


Hi Felix!

Do you have any ideas?

Sorry, that doesn't solve my issue.
The problem is that krpano have its own xml file that describes how the swf plugins should act. So all flash variable may be set only from url.
But even if I set xmlURL - nothing happends.

I've tried to reproduce such behaviour with html but it works fine even if no xmlURL variable has been set. By default it shows some images from flickr.
At the same time, embeded gallery (I mean the TiltViewer created and initialized from the krpano) does nothing.

P.S. I've downloaded the SimpleViewer 1.9 and it works fine.

Hi Felix!

Unfortunatelly, I didn't understand what do you mean. Reganding Adabe flash documentation (1, 2), following is enough to set flash variable "xmlURL" to corresponding value.


Please advice.

Futrhermore, even if the xml file is missing, the html based and flash embeded acts differently. Is case of embedded flash - the gallery emidiatly closing after opening.

Hi Felix!

I'am using following syntax:

set(plugin[gallery].url, "./plugins/tiltviewer.swf?xmlURL=./plugins/gallery.xml");

It's same as in the html example:

var fo = new SWFObject("./plugins/tiltviewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "9.0.28", "#FFFFFF");            
fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "./plugins/gallery.xml");

But I'am sure that the problem is not in the xml, because the gallery images placeholders are missing exactly after they appears on the screen.


My goal is to integrate a flash gallery inside the flash panorama. So i've bought TiltViewer-Pro.

During the panorama creation I've found following problem: images are not loading into the gallery integrated inside the krpano flash panorama player. Here is the link. (Just click on the large white box)

I've tried it on web-server and on localhost - there is no difference, but then i've tried an example from distribution package - it became ok. Here is the link on the sample.

It seems, like the TiltViewer cant load xml, or something. Could you please take a look?

Thanks, Dmitry.