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Dear Mike,

Many thanks for your information.  Maybe a stupid question or maybe you may not help me with source codes  :) but is there any possibility to view some source codes about:

- display the newest album first
- changing the big white border around the large foto (not thumbnail)
- display my albums in flash (stays up-to-date)

I'm not a big programmer and unfortunately I cannot find it to change those things.  Also I cannot find it on google/forums of simpleviewer :(

I hope that you could help me with those issues  :rolleyes:


(3 replies, posted in svManager)

Hi there,

I have some questions about SimpleViewer Pro v1.8:

1. I'm using also svManager v1.2.3..  Is there a possibility to view the newest album as the first one and not the last on the index page?

2. Is it possible to change the white border around the picture into a bitmap/jpeg-file?

3. My indexpage of svManager is a page with the different albums (html-page).  Is there any possibility to display those albums into a flash-page?  It has to stay up-to-date, so when I add an album with svManager it has to update the flashpage without editing it?

Many thanks in advance for your answer/help!!