thanks Felix!

Hi Felix

Thanks for answering.

Aha  so that means that I would have to fix every single gallery in svBuilder. I will be putting up 20-30 galleries a day sometimes - a LOT of work.

I have made a css file for the template which helps a bit. 

Is there anyway to use css instead of svBuilder?


Also nothing to do with this exactly but I would like to make a suggestion...there are lots of us out there who need a gallery with a journal or with room set aside for a product description - not a caption but an actually div set up for the product info.  I sell unique items and have to make a gallery and description for each item.

That is why I am attaching a css style sheet to the galleries. Is there someone who might be interested in helping me with this? Or making a new template?


I am writing again because I did not get a response.

In Picasa if I install the new template then replace with the Pro simpleviewer.swf all is just fine with Picasa.

But svBUilder will not work because it can not find the gallery.xml file in Picasa.

If I add it to Picasa, then Picasa quits working.


I would like to get svBuilder working since I can not see another way to fix the templates.

simpleviewer.swf is the Pro version

Felix thank you I did that and now I could change the swf files -- and Picasa happily makes galleries that I can see on the browsers and in dreamweaver.

But poor svBuilder claims it can not find the gallery.xml file --- because it isn't there in the Picasa assets folder.  The downloaded v2 template does not have a gallery.xml file.

svBuilder wants one!  Or it won't look at the simpleviewer.swf file

Should I toss the one from the Pro v2 into Picasa in the web/assets folder?


Decided to give it a try...I just added gallery.xml to Picasa and nothing works. svBuilder allowed me to redo the swf file though.

So I had to remove gallery.xml from Picasa and then the changes I made to the swf file did not come through.  I need to change background colors permanently and to also remove those little icons which allow a user to mess with the page size. It won't work on my website.

So what now please?

Loved the free version, just wanted to get rid of your logo ( :/ ) so I bought the Pro version.

Per your instructions, in Picasa under templates/assets, I replaced the free version of viewer.swf with the Pro version of simpleviewer.swf and all I got were x's or nothing and I could see that the gallery.xml was not being made.

So...I renamed the simpleviewer.swf to viewer.swf and then everything worked fine.
I also found that there was a Pro file for v.1.9 still called viewer.swf and I tried that one out too and it also worked just fine.

Here is the issue-------

svBuilder (very handy little thing) will only deal with a swf file named simpleviewer.swf. It says it can't find viewer.swf so I can't adjust the gallery code. If I change back in Picasa to simpleviewer.swf, then Picasa doesn't work.

Picasa will only deal with viewer.swf --either version is just fine but the name can not be changed.

svBuilder will only work with simpleviewer.swf

So how do I use svBuilder? I need to adjust the gallery for my own use. I am tired of  changing all the background colors to white again and again.


I am using lightroom to produce simpleviewer galleries

If I  buy the pro version and upload the pro file, will the logo go away?

I am using Lightroom Beta 3 to create the index.html page and that works fine.

But I need to add product description to the same gallery page. No matter where I place a div with text and I have tried every which way, the photo gallery disappears!

What in the world am I doing wrong?

I have tried following the instructions for embedding into Dreamweaver CS4 thinking I could work around the text issue, but that doesn't work for me no matter what.  Lightroom seems just fine -- just how do I add text to the gallery page?