Just an update: I now have SimpleViewer Pro 2 (woo hoo!) and it contained the simpleviewer.swf file needed to overwrite the existing ones and the end result is that the simpleviewer link/logo have been removed from the lower righthand side of the gallery panels. 

You can view that here:

Attribution for SimpleViewer is given here:

I was able to customize the title, caption, etc. by editing the gallery.xml file using the "cheat sheet" found here:
http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewe … tions.html

Loving it!  Thanks for all your help.

Well I got everything back up and running, it's just that it:

1. is using simpleviewer.swf rather than viewer.swf
2. still has the link on the right hand side.

Other than that, it looks great and I really do like the SVManager script.

Testbed/production site is here:

And upgrading aside, how can I get my current version (1.9) of Simple Viewer Pro to work with the SVManager?

Well, I was told that I should follow my original download link to receive the NEW version of it.  When I opened it, I found it was still the "old" version (my original upload).  Then I found a link to a form to fill out to request the new version. So why THAT wasn't conveyed to me at the outset is a mystery. 

Perhaps it's an English as a second language thing? I don't know.  But there shouldn't be one download link for one set of folks and another for others. That's too confusing. And I shouldn't have to fill out a form to request an upgrade. That's waaay too much work for the devs, if you ask me. 

I am aware that payment entitles me only to upgrades from within that main version and subversion upgrades are free. That's how a lot of scripts and programs work, and that's fine.  But I dislike having to chase my tail and bother other people on the forums for information that should be readily available. :)

My distro of SVPro contains: viewer.swf only. Not simpleviewer.swf.

SVManager has a plugins folder with several plugins, structured as follows:


Now, here's the frustrating part.  Since it appears I need to match up the viewer.swf file that came with my SVPro distro, I should use the/simpleviewer plugin folder, since it contains the viewer.swf file, rather than the simpleviewer.swf file, right? 
If I just upload THAT plugin folder, SVManager says there are no plugins loaded.  It never actually "sees" that plugin folder.  (So what good is it? Why was that folder even included among the plugin folders if the program won't recognize it?)  I HAVE to use the /simpleviewer2 plugin folder in order to work with SVM at all. So here we are. :)

UPDATE  And as for versioning, even though I downloaded SVPro from the download link provided to me when I purchased it (1.9), I had to fill out a form to be approved to get SVPro 2, which is still apparently in process.  So I'm not sure what's going on, but I will say that some kind of version indicator needs to be within the file naming nomenclature (e.g., the way WP and other scripts do), so that you don't have to actually open the file and read the .HTML to figure out what version you have.  Plus this keeps you from overwriting a previous version.  In other words, the containing folder should have the version number in it. The rest of the underlying folder structure should be kept intact. This just avoids wondering what version you have.  Just my two cents.

Then why is it that all of the time that I've been using the simpleviewer.swf files, the credit link is still present in the lower righthand corner.  I thought another thread suggested that would not occur with SV Pro. Do I really need to edit the .fla file to eradicate it? Because I have an old version of Flash that doesn't appear to recognize the new .fla file and I really don't see why I should have to spend yet more money to hire someone to remove it for me. Ugh!

UPDATE:  No, you're wrong. I downloaded SVPro for the THIRD TIME from the distro link provided and it's VIEWER.SWF that is in that distro.  So .... how can I get SV Manager to use it since all the SVManager files use SIMPLEVIEWER SWF?

Okay, now I'm really confused, WHICH is the Pro *.swf?

1. simpleviewer.swf
2. viewer.swf

??? I still can't get my SVPro galleries to display on my WP site.  :|

I still can't get the galleries to display using SVPro.  If I remove the simpleviewer.swf files, I get "Gallery Not Found." I've rebuilt them, installed them from scratch in a different directory, everything. I can pull up the viewer.swf file as a direct link in the browser BUT none of my settings are correct.  All my settings are supposed to default to thumbs on bottom, certain color choices for the panels, ONE row of thumbs, FOUR rows across. Here's an example:
http://pixelita.mytestbed.com/wp-conten … viewer.swf

And here's the page it should be displayed on:

I know I have the technique and procedure down correctly since it was working fine (those urls above) with the simpleviewer.swf file. But I PAID to have that SV link removed from the bottom right of the screen, and dammit, I want it to work correctly.  I wonder if I can ask for a refund since I cannot get the darn thing to work as intended. Seems I'll have to revert to the free version from sheer necessity.


I had no previous version of SV to replace.  All I have is what I downloaded (the distro) and uploaded to my server. So ... what shall I replace? Shouldn't the current file then be the one without the link?

[Nevermind; just read your earlier reply! And how do I know which "version" of SV I have?]

Thanks again for your quick reply.


My first question has been echoed in the SV2 Pro forum, but I haven't seen it here. I would like to remove the link to SVPro (sorry, Felix, but it's the only reason I sprang the bucks for the Pro version).  :) 

I have an older version of Flash (MX, which appears to be version 8?), and when I tryed to load the .fla file, Flash told me "unsupported file format."  Maybe it's corrupt? 

In any event, I really would like to get rid of the link. I do have a colophon page that I will place a credit to SV on.

Second question.  I just recently paid for SVPro and my download version is 1. Why is that? Why isn't it SV 2? And how can I upgrade to 2?

Thanks everyone!

BTW, the test site I installed SV Pro on is here:

And I'd like that little blue button to be gone.

Eventually it will be moved to http://www.pixelita.com