Is this fixed in 2.1.1?

AnthoNYC wrote:

Much easier than changing all those URLs


Don't need to change them one by one

use 'find and replace'...

I finally had time to check it out, and its still not working :(

Thanks  :)

Steven Speirs wrote:

Your gallery looks OK to me other than the download button not working.
This is a know bug and until a bugfix version is released, the workaround is to use absolute URLs for your imageURLs (yours are currently relative).

Thanks Steven

I guess this is a stupid question, but where do i change that?
(Couldn't find anything useful by search)

My clients are complaining that they cant download the pictures :(


Steven Speirs wrote:

Please post a URL to the gallery you are having trouble with.


I'm trying to install svBuilder-Pro 2.1 but getting the following error:

The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author.
Error# 0

Tried also to uninstall svBuilder 2.02:

The windows installer service could not be accessed. this can occur if windows installer is not correctly installed. contact your support personnel for assistance.


That worked


now i see the image number...still no description  :|

Thanks for your quick response

i just double checked...its set to BOTTOM

in svBulder i can see the image count but not the description

cant see both on the website  :/


Flickr Description is not showing up in my gallery's...what am i missing?

the first two pictures here have a Description in flickr...

using 2.0.2pro and svBuilder


Felix wrote:

Building this page is left as an exercise for the reader ;)




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in svBuilder, try setting main image>MaxImageWidth AND Frame Width to - 0

Any way to create an 'index page' for the galleries without using svManager?

Can't justify for myself the cost for svManager since i only need it for creating an 'index page' for all my galleries
for the rest i use svBuilder....



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I almost purchased the pro2 but i realized that it doesn't support mouse wheel

I guess i'll stick with my 1.9 :(

Is it possible to add the feature?
or is there some kind of code that we can write to enable it?