I was too early with my conclusion, I managed to find the problem: the naming of the div ID. flashcontent and flashContent aren't the same things...

Thanks for the help!

Have done all these things, started all over again, but now even the gallery doesn't show up again.
Strange things happen, and even a tool called SimpleViewer doesnot seem to be that Simple...
I'm thinking about giving up and try another image viewer, because I'm very disappointed even such a simple viewer refuses to work on my server...

I tried two things: first I deleted the second SWFObject call. Result: no gallery, only a Javascript and Flash error message.
Second I deleted the first call. Result: gallery is back again, but buttons don't work.

I still don't know what I'm doing wrong....

Here it is:

http://www.totaaltuin-webshop.nl/?page= … page_id=14

The gallery is located on another domain (totaaltuin.nl) than the page (totaaltuin-webshop.nl).

I think all links are OK, the only thing I'm not sure about is the link to the javascript file. In the example of the SimpleViewer file the js file is located on an ajax subdomain, mine is just located on the totaaltuin.nl domain.



Couldn't find a topic about this, so here's my question:
I just uploaded a whole new Simpleviewer 2 gallery and it seems to work.
But although I set the allowfullsreen params to TRUE in the index file and showFullscreenButton and showOpenButton to TRUE in de gallery.xml, the gallery shows up but the buttons don't work...
So I cannot switch to fullscreen or see a bigger picture of the one I'm looking at.

Somebody know how to fix this?