Thanks for the succinct reply Mike.

Care to elaborate?

Are you intending to include scaling of the thumb area? Or - Is it never going to be made scaleable?

The whole thing should scale proportionately (big pic and thumbs) - one without the other seems a little short of the mark. You might as well not have any scaling.

Just about to apply for that refund as unfortunately this does not suit our requirements without scaling of the thumbs.


I just purchased simple viewer pro 2 and am really impressed with it.

I am wanting to use it in compact mode (with main image above the thumbnail row) in an html website with a flexible width layout (that has a min width of 1000px and a max width of 1500px).

The main image scales brilliantly when the browser window is resized (by setting the width / height to 100% and image scale mode set to scale.)

What do I need to do to make the thumbnail row scale at the same time?

At the moment only the full size image scales - the thumbnails do not scale, they maintain their initial dimensions which defeats the purpose of scaling the full size image. It looks a bit silly.

If this is not possible with the existing version, I think it should be included as a future feature.