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I am trying to embed a simpleviewer pro gallery in an html document using dreamweaver.

----I created my gallery
----Created a new html document
---- Then attempted to embed the gallery in the .html document following the "Embedding Using Dreamweaver" instructions on the Simpleviewer web site.

(I do not quite understand the parameter instruction *** addition of the new parameter (flashVars) and baseURL=svgallery) I have my html document in the same folder as the gallery.xml and other simpleview files)

When I hit "play" in the Dreamweaver Properties panel I get the following error message.
"Unable to find the plugin that handles this media type.
Dreamweaver looks n both the "Configuration/Plugins" folder, and the plugins folder for each of your installed browsers."

Do I need to put something in my browser?  If so, will I need to let my web visitors know that they need a certain plugin to view my slideshow?



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How do I caption photos - just put in a basic caption?  I think I know that you can go into the gallery.xml file and type a caption in the code <caption>type a new caption here</> for each photo.  I can find no other way to caption photos or any tutorial that even discusses basic captioning.  WHAT AM I MISSING? I'm thinking it should be possible in svBuilder.air, but can't figure out how!

I currently build my galleries using the Photoshop CS4 plugin and do use Bridge, but have added no metadata to the photos.

Also would like to credit photographers, but can find no place other than the caption to put the photographer info.