Thanks for the help mike, we decided to simplify things a bit more so we pretty much just have everything centered now to keep it anchored in

Alright so my problem is that when my website is in a maxed out window and on my monitor, it looks great.
but when you minimize it since I've used the float property to move the flash gallery, it pushes the flash gallery out from underneath the header and it gets pushed way off center.

Is there anyway essentially lock my website in place so on minimize nothing will move??

the site is if you'd like to see what i'm talking about.

Thanks in advance.

Alright that did the trick for the full screen button.

Allow me to explain my situation with moving it. I have a header that goes along the top of my page and goes down the right side a little in an "L" shape. Since it's an L shape the image itself is still registered as a square, so the gallery will only hug the bottom of the image perimeter. I want to move the gallery into this corner of my header so the header "frames" it a bit. All i'm able to do with the gallery is set it to left right or center. I've also been looking at some options to "float" it but that's not working either.

The transparency plays into this as it would make it alot easier to fine tune it's position if i don't have the lines of the gallery's edge infringing on the headers space.

I embedded using javascript and i've put the wmode to transparent but it either turns it to default color (grey) or leaves it at the color i selected (black)

Sorry for the wall of text, thanks for your help.

I'm also having a problem with removing the full screen button. I've set the option to "false" but it's still there.

I can't seem to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated... Also is there anyway to freely move the gallery around the site? i need can't figure out how to actually move it either.

Would not having the Pro version have anything to do with it?

When i set the flickrShowDescription to False and save it, nothing happens. Same with anything else i try to do such as font changing. i can edit the options that are already there and those work fine. I just can't add anything else.

I'm talking about the descriptions you enter in flickr then appear on the photos in the gallery. I want to keep the descriptions on my flickr stream, but remove them in the flash gallery. Is this possible?

and to clarify, when we copied the "web" folder we renamed it to "gallery"

We got it working last night, made a STUPID mistake. basic stuff blahhhh lol. Thanks for your help.

The problem was it had to load from the gallery folder, and we  had it searching just for the .xml file. So we just set the path to gallery/gallery.xml and it worked.

One final easy question. Is there a way to remove my flickr descriptions from the viewer?

Thanks again for all your help!

Try looking at:

We've re-downloaded and embedded it using javascript following the instructions exactly off the website. (again)

And it's still giving us this grey square and not loading it.

Yes it is uploaded. When i view it there is a grey box in the upper left hand corner of the site and that's all.

We followed the dreamweaver embed instructions and had no progress whatsoever, only after we did it in Java we got this box. By the way this is what i'm talking about.

You can see the grey box there now.

All i've uploaded through is Dreamweaver and FireFTP and i'm using Windows 7. I've been looking up things on Iframes and it seems to be the solution to my problem. Do you know anything about them? I'm completely clueless. lol

I've done everything the site has said, embedded via Javascript, and everything to link to my flickr gallery. however, when i preview in a browser all it shows me is the grey background color where the flash gallery should be appearing. When I right click on it it tells me it isn't loaded.

I'm completely lost as to why this won't work. I've done some snooping online and have seen some people with my problem have had it solved by using Iframes, and since i'm a newbie i'm unsure of what those are. Any information is helpful and greatly appreciated!