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Hi there,

I followed the instructions from your suggested link and the images are still dull and gray. Is there a secret step that I am missing?

hi there,

As I am batching my galleries, I have noticed that the images are not color balanced with the original files- they look radically different. I use Photoshop and sRGB profile for all of my work and haven't had this problem before. Is there a specific color setting that I should reassign my images to?


When I click on BuildGallery_php, my computer defaults to a program called Opera where a long strand of html code appears in the dialogue box containing a bold red warning:

Error: This version of BuildGallery requires PHP 5.
Try changing the name of this file from buildgallery.php to buildgallery.php5. If that does not work then contact your server admin/helpdesk and ask how to set-up your account so it defaults to PHP 5.

I tried both options.

1. Yesterday, I spoke with the admin on my account and set it from PHP 4.x to PHP 5.x instantly.

2. Tried again a few times today and after changing the name to buildgallery.php5 - didn't open in Opera/BuildGallery and asked me to choose an application - I couldn't find it...
Please email me at lisa.schuchmann@rocketmail.com if you can help me out, it's much appreciated.